Our family here at Heaven Funerals have ethnic ties from here in Australia, over the ditch to New Zealand, up through Asia and even all the way across to Africa. In fact in our families DNA we have both NZ and Cook Island Maori, Scottish, Portuguese, Samoan, Chinese, French, South African, Mauritian Créole, English, and Tokelauan. So we know firsthand how important culture and customs are and the vital role they play in the funeral process.

Many of us who originate from New Zealand or the islands are used to receiving our deceased loved ones almost immediately after their passing. In many instances here in Australia this is not the case. The time it takes to process and release the deceased from either the hospital or mortuary is notoriously slow in Australia. We have a proven record of being able to speed up the process so that your family get to be with their loved one as soon as possible.

We have over 50 years of experience both here and in NZ with Buddhist, Sikh, Hindu, Catholic, Protestant and Latter Day Saint funeral rites and rituals. Because we are a multicultural family, we fit in well in all cultural settings. We don’t judge, we simply serve you the way that best fits your family.

Heaven Funerals can liaise with a wide range of venue choices for cremation, memorial or burial services. We have a cosy onsite chapel for smaller family funeral services when required. We also provide for traditional church services and council memorial park farewells aimed at supporting every nationality, culture or religion.

Where appropriate we can provide for golf course, or similar club based services which emphasise the past interests and associations of your loved one. We will help guide and organise the venue and chapel options for the style of funeral you want and deserve. What is most important is that we help you say farewell in a way that best honours your loved one.

Heaven Funerals - Customs & Culture